Goals for 2021

January 06, 2021

I am terrible at personal goals, as I just write them down and get back to it in January next year 😀 well, but still I find it useful to see what I planned and what I achieved. Here I’ll comment on my goals from 2020 and what I’d like to do in 2021. I will keep it updated, as it mostly serves as notes for me and it changes throughout the year.

Goals from 2020

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  1. I was planning on buying a flat or house, but I found it hard as I was paying only 220 eurs per month for a single small room. It changed now, I pay rent ~400 euros. So I failed here, did not buy a flat and I don’t plan to buy one in the foreseeable future.
  2. I wanted to read 10 books and I failed as well. I’ve read 6 books and that is as far as I can go 😀 Don’t get me wrong, I can read a book quite quickly if I commit to it, but I prefer to read articles on the internet and change my focus frequently. I’ve read 6 books and I think it’s good enough for me. I believe it will get to higher number only if I decide to spend less time on my laptop.
  3. Lower screen time -> I failed this one as well. This is disappointing. Rescuetime app turned out to be useless in free version (only recent data there) and corona pinned us to our chairs, so I believe I have screen time much higher. I don’t mind much, but I can be more effective when on computer, as everybody else. shrug.
  4. Long term goal was to have a passive income that will cover my expenses. The year 2029 is ETA, so fingers crossed. As mentioned here, I lowered my living costs in 2020 and increased the passive income (11.68% in 2020). But 100% is quite far, and I saved a lot in 2020 because I was mostly at home, which I can’t expect from 2021.

What went well in 2020

  1. I have a girlfriend!
  2. I continued to invest monthly, the habit is important to achieve my 2029 goal.
  3. I moved to a really nice flat with reasonable rent, happy to live there and I can’t imagine how I would survive corona in the old one.
  4. I finally made my mind at work and decided I wanna move back to tech path from the engineering manager position.
  5. I am happier and less stressed in general, more YOLO attitude.
  6. I really like we have competitive commision-free stock brokers in Europe. Now waiting for some retirement tax-free investing accounts I can manage myself in Slovakia.
  7. Got divers license in Croatia! At least a holiday in 2020, but expensive.

Goals for 2021

  1. Move back to my home country.
  2. Buy a flat or a house in my home country (2022 is ok for this goal) and investing real estate as well (2023 ok for this one).
  3. Get passive income ratio to living costs to 15%. Will track it here.
  4. Learn something new. Similar to the divers license, get some certificate. For example, learn how to create a mobile app and create one for digrin.com. Start working with a photo editor or video, etc.
  5. Earn over 5000 eur from a side gig. Or 1000 eur MRR, from some website or similar service.
  6. Rework my server setup, I’d like to replace rancher 1.6 with something more modern, something that eats less RAM.
  7. That’s it. Do sports, be happy, smile more, help friends, spend time with family, etc.
  8. I’ll add more goals if I find something important throughout the year.

Written by Lucas03 , who uses this as diary. Contact at admin[a]lucas03.com