Some recent issues I have with degiro stock broker

November 19, 2020

I got a message from, that they will return some taxes from dividends. Fine, free money I said to myself. Today I checked broker reports and saw I got a few cents back, sometimes even lost cents. I don’t understand details and won’t dig deeper, but because of checking these tax returns I noticed other logs as well.

Customer support

First thing I am started to be a bit of annoyed is being taxed 30% on dividends. I can’t sign W8-BEN form so tax is lowered to 15%, because of some weird setup that I have permanent residency in Slovakia, but have tax residency in Czech public. I am changing my residency to Czech republic because by accident as well, so I thought I will leverage that and adjust that in degiro, so I have 15% tax on dividends. I am in contact with for 2 weeks already, where they tell me I am able to update that setting in degiro administration, later asked me for screenshots and now again waiting for them to get back to me. I am a bit annoyed this small fix is taking that long, and it’s costing me money of course 🙁

Currency rates

Originally I have been using CZK currency for orders and deposits, as my salary is in czech crowns, so it was convenient. Later degiro did some shanenigans, and they need to store free funds in EUR. I thought it will be quite ok, as most of brokers use pretty good exchange rate. But today I noticed I am being charged fx fee every few days.

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