Digrin.com in 2021

December 30, 2021

To sum up 2021 from digrin.com‘s (dividend growth investing) point of view, I wanna look at some statistics and share them publicly. I think transparency is great, and until proven otherwise, I’ll do that. I will be sharing traffic, users, paid subscribers, favorite stocks, and others. Let’s start:

Visits and users

I use google analytics for tracking, in January 2021 there were 5378 users, while in November 2021 there were 13 161 users. Totaling 77k users in 2021 (38,5k in 2020).

digrin google analytics 2021

Google is also helping with the traffic:

webmaster tools

I was sharing the number of registered users before, so here is an updated histogram of registered users (total registered user count is 7415):

registered users on digrin.com by time

Most favourite dividend stocks in 2021

There have been 149 338 transactions added to digrin in 2021 (140022 buy and 9317 sell). As of today, we have over 18k stocks and ETFs on Digrin. Here you can see stock symbol and buy transaction count:

T: 4543
O: 3267
MO: 3064
AAPL: 2605
ABBV: 2267
VZ: 2238
KO: 1952
INTC: 1897
MSFT: 1850
PFE: 1673
JNJ: 1557
OHI: 1441
MMM: 1439
MRK: 1238
XOM: 1188

I’ll save django code for extracting those values here for later use 🙂

list(Transaction.objects.values('stock_transaction__stock__symbol').annotate(st_count=Count('stock_transaction__stock__symbol')).filter(created_at__year=2021, buy=False, stock_transaction__stock__dividend_per_share__isnull=False).values_list('stock_transaction__stock__symbol', 'st_count').order_by('-st_count'))[:10]

Most favourite growth stocks 2021

BABA: 2094  
PLTR: 1805  
FB: 1272  
AMZN: 963  
TSLA: 888  
NIO: 856  
CRSR: 667  
DIS: 660  
SOFI: 575  
BRK.B: 490

(I know DIS used to pay dividends, but I filtered based on dividend per share value, which is missing for DIS)

Features 2021

With more users, I spend more time responding to emails -> less time coding. I have fixed a lot of stability issues. I had a small downtime (2-3 minutes) a few times per month. I have been struggling to find time for fixing that for a few years. I never saw anything in logs, but in the end, it seemed to be a low memory on the server. I did not upgrade the server, but I set a lower memory limit to Redis instance, lowered the number of Gunicorn workers, and added rate limiting on Nginx (I guess people used digrin to fetch data about their portfolios in google spreadsheet, loading hundreds of pages simultaneously).

Regarding features, I added export portfolio functionality, multiple currencies support, portfolio statistics page, earnings page, export dividends and earnings to the calendar app, portfolio heatmap, affiliate program and hundred more fixes/small changes.

Pricing 2021

Not great, not terrible. Stripe.com is a really good payment processor, works as expected. There are 34 supporters, while 20 have canceled supporter membership this year. This equals ~160 eur in MMR (monthly recurring revenue). I introduced an affiliate program in wishful thinking I can spend less time marketing/sharing the site, but that did not happen yet. There is only 55 eur in total revenue generated from the affiliate program, while I pay 58.80 USD monthly. I still hope more people will leverage the affiliate program in the future, or I move the affiliate program to a cheaper platform more affordable to smaller sites. Luckily, the affiliate program and server are the only costs I have with digrin, so it is covered by supporters this year.

Plans for 2022

I have 26 issues in gitlab I need to fix/implement. Mostly it’s about making digrin.com having more data and better data -> which means adding more sources. On one hand, more sources will introduce more mismatches, but I don’t see other options, as current data sources are not exactly 100% reliable. There aren’t bigger feature plans as of now, but I usually get ideas as I invest and browse investing sites and discussions throughout the year.

Written by Lucas03 , who uses this as diary. Contact at admin[a]lucas03.com