Personal goals for 2023

December 30, 2022

Goals from 2022

  1. Have a wedding, start a family.

We had a weeding on 30.9.2022 near Liptovská Mara and I could not have imagined a better one. I can only recommend Koliba Greta as a venue for a wedding :)

  1. Fixup flat so you are happy there – 1. finish renovation. 2. Check some smart home appliances that can make your life better. 3. renovate balcony

We did fixup flat and are happy here. I did spend some time on smart home, but not enough. Not that keen into it as I thought I would be. I was a bit disappointed how problematic was the installation of Home Assistant on Intel NUC. I have one smart valve I want to test it on, probably will do this in last days of this year. We didn't renovate balcony, but at least we bought a floor there, so it's not a naked concrete anymore.

  1. Increase expenses coverage by passive income to 30%

Not gonna happen. Wedding and flat renovation took too much out of this. Looks like I will finish with 16% passive income to expenses ratio.

  1. Do more sports -> find a way for simple tracking e.g. apple watch.

Did not spend any time on this, but I bought Apple watch and use it sporadically. I want to start using it daily, so the data I will use in the future will actually be usable. But I did fail this goal, I don't think I did enough sports. It's kind of hard, when I don't have scheduled weekly activities.

  1. Follow real estate state in your location and if it makes sense, start buying flat for real estate. First step could be checking companies handling maintenance (so my only input is money and ROI calculation) and what are the costs.

I am following real estate in my location, but I don't see many buying opportunities. People still didn't get real estate will go lower and are trying to sell for higher valuation.

Available flats were at it's lowest (7k) in February 2022, and it's peaking at 15500 offered flats in Slovakia right now (December 2022). So soon there might be a good opportunity for this, but still, I will probably start with a house before investing in flats.

So I'd sum this up as I am still interested in this, but didn't pull the trigger. I am ok with this goal though.

  1. Work on, so it’s self-sufficient. in subscribers, 300MRR is a good goal

Hmm, this was a weird goal from my side. It will never be self-sufficient, websites always need work. If I don't spend any time on it, it will just slowly die out. MMR goal however we were able to surpass, currently at 325 EUR. So goal accomplished, but I feel like this is the upper boundary digrin can get to. Which is not good, as I do spend a lot of time on issues there, and few hundred dollars is not worth the time spent. I am kind of building it for myself as well, otherwise I would stop long time ago.

Goals for 2023

  1. Grow your family. Make sure it's manageable for both of us.
  2. Work-wise, only goal is to make sure it doesn't consume too much of me. Meaning I get easily lost in tasks and want to do too much. So keep your focus and healthy attitude to work-life balance. If you are unhappy at work, ask the hard questions.
  3. Get 30% expenses covered by passive income. Should be doable with lower expected costs in 2023. I had this goal for a while, but it was delayed because of car purchase, moving, buying flat, renovating flat and lastly the wedding. There shouldn't be any excuses in 2023.
  4. Move to company in Estonia, so no tax report for my contractor licence needed (low or no earnings on contractor).
  5. Spend some time on the sports thing. Meaning some simple tracking, so I get an idea when are my peak months and when I do not move enough. No goal here how much I want to do sports, as I love sports, and it should be natural.
  6. Smart home -> create stable home assistant setup. Make sure it runs well, backups are stable and setup from backups/repo won't take long.
  7. Keep cash below 10% of net worth. Only exception is if you don't have a salary or have a new real estate deal in progress/planned.
  8. should get to 500 MMR. I understand current number of subscribers seems to be at it's peak, but still, this should be subscriber model and that should grow naturally.

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