Digrin.com in 2023

December 31, 2023

Wow, it's been 10 years since I wrote Digrin (Dividend growth investing) as a project at my university. For a past few years, I started asking investors to chip in and help me cover the costs of running digrin.com, so it doesn't cost me both time and money, but just time :) Previous reports, if you are interested:

Visits and users

I still use Google Analytics, in January there were 29k, in December 58k.

ga 2023

2023 - 383k
2022 - 175k
2021 - 77k
2020 - 38,5k

Like in 2022, in 2023 majority was from google. Not that I complain, it was one of my plans, but I need to spend at least some time to covert that traffic to users in the future :)

Registered users is slowly growing:

2023 - 4 975
2022 - 3 676
2021 - 3 584
2020 - 2 834



Favourite dividend stocks in 2023

INTC: 455
NVDA: 439
AAPL: 392
MSFT: 353
MPW: 295
MO: 282
T: 281
MMM: 271
O: 228
BABA: 217

Favourite growth stocks 2023

TSLA: 724
META: 710
AMZN: 469
PLTR: 361
GOOGL: 330
SOFI: 264
NIO: 253
AMD: 201
WBD: 190
GOOG: 159

Features 2023

In 2023, I merged ~120 merge requests (every third day, mindblowing). It doesn't say much, as MRs can be small or big. So to list a few features:

  • improved dividend pay dates (added more data sources)
  • added check for duplicate dividends (with more sources, dividends are often duplicated with different dates)
  • added FAQ page
  • added realized and unrealized gains
  • approved investors may add or edit dividends
  • remove data sources with low quality data
  • migrated from old legacy server to k3s server
  • add new paid data sources
  • give supporters option to refresh data from stock detail page
  • added support for CSV/XLS portfolio import of 7 brokers
  • add option to list public portfolios on digrin.com
  • rewrote DGR calculation
  • used new data source for financials
  • added diversification by country

And a lot of manual fixes and maintenance. Financial data is a mess.

Pricing 2023

Monthly recurring revenue by year:

2023 - 538 EUR
2022 - 350 EUR
2021 - 160 EUR

Yearly subscriptions is €4.16 monthly. In this year, I started paying VAT tax. I didn't increase supporter price by VAT, so it's 20% down. With a promocode DIGRIN20, there is 20% off for the first year. With affiliate commission, it's another 20% lifetime commission to referral.

Apart from that, I pay for server, affiliate program (60/m), company in Estonia (100/m) and various data sources(100s/m). Thinking about that, it's hard to be profitable here :) Luckily I have a day job and I can work on digrin.com as a hobby. I don't have to rely on digrin to pay my bills, so it's fine.

Plans for 2024

I have 16 open issues as of 1.1.2024. But I think only three features are critical for me to deliver in 2024:

  • Add support for more brokers as CSV imports

I prefer having CSV imports, as it's easy and safe way for investors to get their data to digrin.com. Unfortunately, it's a lot of work.

  • Estimated Taxes tab on portfolio page

I have Taxes feature in progress, I think it's a nice feature for tax optimisation and estimation. I am a bit worried here, as I build features I find useful, but I am not discussing them with anybody. So I am worried I am missing something important. Not having option to discuss/design features collaboratively is tricky, but on the other hand, I can move fast and implement features without somebody else telling what and how to do.

  • Automatic broker sync

I was reluctant to do this feature, as a lot of these systems are asking investors to disable two factor authentication. That is a no-go for me, I don't want any investor to share credentials to their lifelong investments to third parties. But there is yoddle, which has direct support e.g. with IBKR. So I think that is as safe as it gets. But it costs 500 USD per month, so it eats up whole income from current supporters.

Written by Lucas03 , who uses this as diary. Contact at admin[a]lucas03.com